Weekly Update 387

18 February 2024

It’s a short video this week after a few days in Sydney doing both NDC and the Azure user group.

Weekly Update 387

It’s a short video this week after a few days in Sydney doing both NDC and the Azure user group. For the most part, I spoke about the same things as I did at NDC Security in Oslo last month… except that since then we’ve had the Spoutibe incident. It was fascinating to talk about this in front of a live audience and see everyone’s reactions first hand, let’s just say there were a lot of “oh wow!” responses 😲

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  1. Sponsored by: Unpatched devices keeping you up at night? Kolide can get your entire fleet updated in days. It’s Device Trust for Okta. Watch the demo!
  2. That’s another NDC Sydney done and dusted (my “How I Met Your Data” talk will eventually be online and free to watch)
  3. Ransomware payments finally passed the $1B mark in 2023 (I’ve often commented over the last year that it feels like it’s really up-ticked, now here we are)
  4. We’re presently rolling HIBP from Table Storage to serverless SQL Azure (by next week’s update we should actually have this live and I’ll be able to talk a lot more about it)
  5. OpenAI’s Sora is just mind-blowing mind 🤯 (it’s the rate of change that has so many people stunned, just remember what AI video from text prompts looked like only a year ago…)
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