Is DaaS just another tool in the shed for you? Then you’re missing out on these 6 benefits

Gone are the days of the rigid 9-5. Employees have been working flexibly for years now, and the stats show that they love it.


Is DaaS just another tool in the shed for you? Then you’re missing out on these 6 benefits

Gone are the days of the rigid 9-5. Employees have been working flexibly for years now, and the stats show that they love it. To support a consistent experience between work and home, many employers are using Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) technology, but many companies could achieve even more by unlocking its full potential.

While some CEOs are talking about bringing teams back to the office full-time, many recognise that hybrid work is overwhelmingly popular with staff and is now a key employee value proposition for attracting the best talent to the company. In fact, over 75% of Australian workers value flexible work arrangements, and studies have confirmed that a large proportion of jobs can be performed remotely just as effectively as in the office.

As a result, many IT leaders have adopted Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) solutions to support and enable this hybrid workforce to be productive, wherever they need to work. But what started out as a means to enable employees to work on their terms has proven to also reduce costs, increase scalability, and better security for the IT Team and the organisation as a whole.

In Australia, DaaS is expected to grow more than 7% annually over the next four years with players such as Citrix deeply innovating to offer affordable and secure remote desktop and app experiences.

However, experts say there’s a lot more businesses could be getting out of their DaaS potential to deliver even greater cost savings, simplicity, and employee enablement.

Six benefits of maximising your DaaS potential

Have an existing DaaS solution but not sure if you’re getting the most out of it? We’ve put together a checklist of six benefits you should be enjoying that you can compare against.

  1. Business and IT modernisation: DaaS enables you to adopt a cloud-first strategy and accelerate your digital transformation. You can migrate your legacy applications and data to the cloud, streamline IT operations, and leverage the latest technologies and innovations. In fact, 38% of companies that invested in DaaS saw improved IT efficiency. DaaS also helps protect your business against the costs of compatibility and interoperability problems that may occur by introducing a fleet of untested or unsecured devices in employees’ homes.
  2. Business continuity: DaaS provides you with the resilience and agility to cope with any disruptions or emergencies. Australian businesses are increasingly subjected to natural disasters and cyberattacks and with DaaS, you can ensure business continuity and minimise downtime. Provision and deployment virtual desktops and applications can be done rapidly for remote workers, customers, and partners to maintain high service levels and compliance standards. IT leaders report a 32% improvement in business continuity and availability, while users report a 31% increase in productivity with a Citrix DaaS solution in place.
  3. Employee flexibility: DaaS allows your employees to work from anywhere, on any device, with a consistent and high-quality user experience by delivering a familiar and modern PC experience securely–whether they’re in the office or on the way to a client meeting. This flexibility and choice not only boost productivity and collaboration, it also helps to attract and retain top talent. And it’s better for the company too: statistics show that 60% of employees feel they can be more productive in the times they’re working remotely.
  4. Better-managed cashflow and IT spend: DaaS helps you optimise your IT budget and cashflow by shifting from a capital expenditure (CapEx) to an operational expenditure (OpEx) model. DaaS users have reported seeing a reduction in IT CapEx spending of up to 56% with Citrix DaaS deployed, since you are paying only for what you use. You can also save on maintenance, support, and upgrade costs, as these could be handled by your DaaS provider.
  5. On-demand workforce: 49% of corporate users say internal skill gaps are a problem for their organisation. Citrix DaaS can help address that by allowing you to easily add and deprovision users, desktops, and applications, and adjust your performance and capacity on demand to accommodate a more diverse and distributed workforce. This includes contractors, freelancers, and seasonal workers, by providing them with secure and temporary access to the specific areas of your corporate network of data they need to.
  6. Security based around zero trust: 79% of corporate users say attacks have become more sophisticated over the last year, which DaaS can help mitigate. DaaS improves your security posture by centralising your data and applications in the cloud rather than on local devices. You can protect your sensitive information from loss, theft, or compromise, and comply with the relevant regulations and policies. You can also implement a zero-trust security model with Citrix DaaS, which verifies the identity and context of every user and device before granting access to your resources.

Supercharging your DaaS

If you’re achieving the above benefits already, congratulations, you’re already supercharging your DaaS! If you’re not, you may want to consider adding a layer to help bridge the gap between potential and performance.

An out-of-the-box DaaS solution may not meet all your specific needs and expectations. You may need to rely on the tech ecosystem and vendors to help fill the gaps and enhance your DaaS experience.

That’s where a specialist DaaS partner comes in. When choosing a partner, we recommend choosing one based in Australia, such as Com-X, that understands the local digital workspace and security landscape—especially important from a legal and regulatory compliance perspective.

Look for a partner that:

Simplifies management and deployment: end-to-end management and deployment of your DaaS solution, from design and implementation to monitoring and support. You can focus on your core business while your partner handles the technical aspects of your DaaS environment.

Tailors and optimises solution: Com-X can tailor your DaaS solution to your unique business requirements and goals. You can tell them what options and features you need, such as multi-factor authentication, single sign-on, app layering, and more. Then the partner can optimise your DaaS performance, availability, and cost using their expertise and best practices.

Enhances user experience and satisfaction: look to Com-X as a partner to deliver a superior user experience and satisfaction for your DaaS users. You should expect fast, reliable, and consistent access to your virtual desktops and applications, regardless of the device, network, or location. And, your partner should be able to quickly address any issues or feedback from your users.

If you’re ready to take your DaaS to the next level, contact Com-X today for a free consultation. Com-X will help you assess your current DaaS situation, identify your gaps and opportunities, and design and deliver a DaaS solution that suits your needs and budget. We’ll even help you stay sharp on the legal landscape, ensuring your organisation sails smoothly over compliance clouds

Don’t miss out on the full potential of your DaaS investment. Get in touch with Com-X now and supercharge your DaaS.

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